New joint-venture company to focus on commercialization of researched high-quality ingredients

Tenshi Kaizen Private, Ltd. (Tenshi), Bengaluru, India, and DolCas Biotech, LLC (DolCas) announce the signing of an agreement for the creation of a joint-venture company. The joint venture between Tenshi, a technology-focused specialty pharmaceutical company, and DolCas, a leading US-based strategic marketing and distribution firm specializing in branded nutraceutical ingredients, will be incorporated under the name of its signatories, DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals, Inc.

DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals (DTB) will focus exclusively on the research, development, and commercialization of novel nutraceutical lines for key global markets, including the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. The two partners have equal interest and headquarters will be based in New Jersey.

The joint venture will allow the new company to create unique positioning for its products in the global nutraceuticals, functional food and beverage markets.  It brings together the diverse capabilities of the two established partners, both with many years of experience in building and scaling innovative businesses.

Tenshi brings proprietary technologies in developing and manufacturing highly bioavailable nutraceutical products, and DolCas, with strong front-end capabilities, will spearhead the commercialization and go-to-market efforts. DolCas has a proven, 10-year track record in establishing and marketing for two leading nutraceutical brands in the pain management and general well-being categories.

“Tenshi is delighted to partner with DolCas to build a significant branded dietary supplement business for the global markets,” says Venkat Iyer, Co-Founder of Tenshi. “We strongly believe that DolCas’ legacy and reputation of bringing to market science-led dietary supplements offers the perfect complement to Tenshi’s development platform for its novel ingredients.”

According to industry reports[1][1], the global nutraceutical market is projected to reach $578 billion by 2025, driven predominantly by growing consumer awareness of the value of nutraceuticals in conjunction with the steady innovation of high-performance natural ingredients.

“With DolCas’ exemplary go-to-market abilities, the synergies of the two partners will accelerate the development of, and accessibility to, affordable, high quality nutraceuticals,” notes Iyer. “We are on course with the launch of our first two products at VitaFoods 2019 in May.”

“I am excited about our joint venture with Tenshi, an impressive conglomerate of the pharmaceutical industry,” says K G Rao, president of DolCas Biotech. “At the hallmark of my 27th year in the nutraceutical sector, I am looking forward to the positive impact this joint venture will have in the space, and the contribution it will make to the end-user. The new company will operate with full vertical integration to ensure maximum transparency for our clients and consumers. Borrowing from pharma’s highly standardized manufacturing processes and strict regulatory guidelines and expectations, I see this venture contributing to the dietary supplement landscape in a distinctive way.”

DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals will exhibit for the first time at this year’s Vitafoods Europe 2019. The company is entering the market with two new branded ingredient launches.