Life On Earth, Inc. (LFER), a consumer-based brand accelerator company in the U.S.A., has recently signed a Binding LOI (Letter Of Intent) in a bid to acquire full ownership of the LA-based, all-natural soda and exotic beverage maker, Wild Poppy Company Inc. Reportedly, LFER intends to enhance its current portfolio of all-natural lifestyle brands and include more retailers.

As per a report, LFER recently affirmed that the acquisition of Wild Poppy Company is much likely to augment the revenue stream of the company. It also mentioned that the deal would bring a key individual on board to help the organization with its supply chain aspect and innovation strategies.

Sources familiar with the matter claim that LFER’s latest buyout has added another major brand to the category of ‘All Natural & Organic’ beverages, which is currently the most rapidly growing segment in the beverage industry. The deal includes a top priority of distribution and supply chain collaborations working with DSD channels including KeHE and UNFI. Sources further added that the US-based company will negotiate with established bottlers and vendors in several areas of the country for enhanced efficiency and better logistics.

According to Mr. Fernando Oswaldo Leonzo, CEO, LFER, the Wild Poppy brand purchase probably marks the company’s last acquisition for this year. The company now holds four brands under which it is working on initiatives like entering a much-talked-about new market segment. The company’s completion of the final product development stage of its flagship brand ‘Just Chill’ is underway, with the recent 2018 Farm Bill passing. Also, the time seems right for the company to roll out novel products, flavors, functionalities and packaging and incorporate the newest edition to its family of brands, added Leonzo.

For the record, Life On Earth, Inc., which has distribution subsidiaries in California and New York, has also set up an exclusive business model centered on brand-building in the alternative snack and beverage space.